What Is Coaching?

As a professional Life and Business Coach, The Black Mentor works in partnership with you to help you achieve extraordinary results for your business and life with set goals.

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How are these results achieved?

We achieve results through a sophisticated one on one coaching/form of teaching, skill building, awareness expansion and investment opportunities.

Simply, coaching with the Black Mentor begins when you want to do, be or have more success than what you have now in your life and business pursuit.

Some of the results The Black Mentor will achieve with you include:

  • Launching a business
  • Improving a business
  • Creating systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provide access to resources and investment opportunities abroad
  • Building practical business skills
  • Discovering your life purpose

The Black Mentor emphasizes on getting higher performance, fulfilment and success in your life across borders.

General Benefits of Coaching:

Fresh perspectives on your personal and professional challenges

Enhanced thinking and decision-making skills

Boosted interpersonal effectiveness

Increased confidence in your personal and professional life

Greater productivity

More personal satisfaction

Rapid achievement of your goals

How Coaching with the Black Mentor Works:


Our coaching program begins with a free, initial consultation, either in-person, or via phone or video call. We do this to:

Access your existing opportunities and challenges

Identify primacies – what you really want and need

Define the scope of services and schedule you will require

Establish the specific outcomes you need to achieve


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