About Mentor America

Mentor America is the premier coaching company dedicated to nurturing and restructuring business goals and personal development one client at a time.

Who is the Black Mentor?

The Black Mentor is Mr Joseph Nantomah, An African currently residing in the United States of America also known as the Foremost African Life and Business coach.

The Movement  of The Black Mentor has its root in striving to actualize the American Dream regardless of birth orientation. The Black Mentor brand provides life and business coaching to all people who want to transform their lives through the lens and perils of a visionary and well-established business tycoon.

With a proven system for expansion of any business, The Black Mentor via Mentor America offers life and success-oriented training focused on a plethora of topics to move your life and business from mediocre to top-notch. With the Black Mentors coaching, you can transform your business dynamic into a money-making machine. Leaving Africa to America close to broke, the Black Mentor has achieved success in 4 years with a dozen of businesses.

The Black Mentor is also highly experienced and educated in assisting investors put their money to good use in different investment opportunities.

Vision Statement

The Black Mentor Brand  seeks to enable any person, find a clear purpose in their life and business, to release the power within them, reach their aspirations and fulfil life long dreams regardless of border constraints.

Mission Statement

Mentor America is committed to providing high quality life and business coaching, to enable any client to reach a better and more fulfilled level of life.

Reasons why you Need THE BLACK MENTOR

You’ve tried doing it all on your own, and it’s not working

Your business is crumbling, and you have no cash cashflow

You need to stop wasting time on meaningless detail

You want more success in your business and life

The Black Mentor’s goal is to ensure you have a rejuvenated outlook on life and business. Nothing is impossible with focus, determination and the right mindset.

Get a Life Coach and Start Living a Life Which is Purpose Filled and Focus Oriented!

Having the assistance of The Black Mentor, a Certified Life Coach can help move you forward both in life and business. The goal is to get you past where you are stuck, and coach you to greater success.

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